A corner of Italy which encapsulates unique gastronomic delights, often only whispered as secrets to gourmets around the world. Here Nebbiolo reigns, with its noble sons -the Barolo and Barbaresco, protected by castles, towers and fortified villages that take us back to medieval times of struggles and splendours: pilgrims, salt merchants, soldiers of fortune, the Crusaders, and Benedictine monks have all trodden this soil leaving a heritage, a sign, a legacy. But it was the farmers whose centuries of toil shaped the hills into the breathtaking landscape which widens the eyes of the tourist today.

And under these so-special hills, the ultimate and most secret treasure: the White Truffle of Alba: the “grey diamond” that made Cavour crazy and sent Vittorio Emanuele II into ecstasy , the Tuber Magnatum Pico made world-famous by the youngest son of a poor family of sharecroppers, Giacomo Morra, founder of the Fiera and true deus ex machina of the Langhe.

Activities: to fill your holidays, you can use the municipal sport facilities, with tennis court, soccer field and equipped locker rooms, few hundreds of meters from the agri-tourism.

The territories of Roero and historical center of Castellinaldo are suitable to go for a relaxing walk or to go for a ride.

If you desire to discover Castellinaldo trail network, you can visit the dedicated page on Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero website:


It is possible to download audio guide of Roero paths with the free app Izi.Travel, and with geolocation you will see all paths available around you.

The audio guide can be also visited on browser:

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Events: In the autumn, there are plenty of manifestations connected with wine and truffle, flagship of Piedmontese gastronomy, and in a particular way of Alba.

Not to lose is the rendezvous, in October, with the “International Alba White Truffle Fair”